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Deep Cell Cleansing Gel 100ml

Product Information

Product Code : LPS201DC
Category : Scrub, All skin type, Living Proof
Product Brand : Living Proof
Product Weight : 0.133 kg

Product Description

Deep Cell Cleansing Gel

How to solve the skin problem like rough & dull skin? Pimple prone skin?

You are fighting with your annoyed pimples all the times? You might try many anti-acne or pimples product and you still unable get rid of it?

Dirt, dust, dead skin, accumulated on skin and will clog pores if you not clean your skin throughout. When clogs formed, we will have white head initially, then become blackhead and pimples are formed when it becomes inflame.

We need a product to reduce inflammation and cleanse the clogged. MUST NOT press it with finger. Let Deep Cell Cleansing Gel help you do the work, it contains ingredient and benefits as below:

The key ingredients:


  • Soft exfoliation effect to remove excessive dead skin
  • Anti- bacterial features help to reduce the spread of pimples
  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Reduce blemish, black head, white head

Sodium Hyaluronate

  • Moisture skin
  • Anti-aging


  • Stimulate production of collagen

Apply on the face without water. Massage in circular motion until lumps appear. Rinse off. Use twice weekly before cleansing face with Living Proof Cleanser Complete.

*For Normal skin: Once per week
For Oily and pimples skin: 2x per week


**EXPIRED DATE : 12/17


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