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Multi-Protection Day Cream SPF50/PA+++ 40ml

Product Information

Product Code : LPC504SPF
Category : Sensitive skin type, Sun protection, All skin type, Living Proof
Product Weight : 0.07 kg

Product Description

Multi-Protection Day Cream SPF50/PA+++

Sun block is for people work under sun or when I have outdoor sports actives. I am working in office, i do not need it in every day, right?

It’s lightweight and non-greasy formula contains Walnut Seed extract which is a well-known powerful anti-oxidant. It focuses on strengthening the skin’s own defense system, provide all day UVA and UVB ultraviolet protection to against photo ageing and premature ageing induced by the harmful UV radiation.

The key ingredients:

 Walnut seed extract

  • Anti-photo aging


  • Helps cells to regenerate skin cells for a more youthful look


*UV ray is harming our skin in any place any times as tube light in indoor also emitting UV ray, you will get freckles too if not providing your skin sufficient protection.

After moisturizing skin, apply cream on face, neck and hands. Apply using light, circular motions until the entire product is fully absorbed. Use in the morning daily. Suitable for sensitive skin.

*Should remove sunblock with makeup remover before wash your face.

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