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Russian agarikon mushroom extract

Russian agarikon mushroom extract | LARICYL®LS 8865


LARICYL® LS 8865 used by LIVING PROOF in its Multi-Action Cell Treatment Toner is procured from the French manufacturer Laboratoires Sérobiologiques S.A (a division of BASF) and is a purified, concentrated active, extracted from the pulp of the Russian agarikon mushroom (Laricifomes officinalis), a basidiomycete mushroom that is in the wild only found in old-growth conifer forests.
LARICYL® LS 8865 is clinically-proven to have astringent, pore-tightening and moisturising effects on the skin.
Agarikon was important both medicinally and spiritually to indigenous peoples in ancient times.  Referred to as the "bread of ghosts” in local languages, carved fruiting bodies marked the graves of tribal shamans.
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