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The Science

The Science

Gemmotheraphy | Unlock the stimulating powers of vegetable pearls
LIVING PROOF’s Phyto-Placenta™ is a fully natural, plant-derived bio-active essence that is highly potent and scientifically proven to deliver great natural results for skin rejuvenation, regeneration and repair.  LIVING PROOF’s Phyto-Placenta™ was developed in association with the French laboratory of Gattefossé (established 1880) headquartered in Saint-Priest, Lyon.
At the origin of the vegetable life cycle, the seed is a source of intense activity.  This tissue, naturally rich in nutritive elements, contains all the components necessary to the development of the plant: peptides rich in essential amino acids and trace elements.  LIVING PROOF’s Phyto-Placenta™ brings to the cells all the vitality of the seeds from which it is extracted, to awake the cutaneous metabolism.  This approach is referred to as "Gemmotheraphy”.
Phyto-Placenta™ is obtained by the gentle hydrolysis of plant proteins from seeds and buds – the gems of nature.  Capitalising on the hidden benefits of these peptides, LIVING PROOF’s Phyto-Placenta™ bio-active embryonic cells penetrate deeply into the skin to boost human cell activity, encouraging growth and regeneration.  It is designed for specific anti-aging treatments; to minimise wrinkle appearance and scientifically proven to optimise skin moisturisation and moisture retention levels.
Among seeds, LIVING PROOF selects specimens that are particularly interesting for high concentrations and reproducibility of their proteins.  They are  then put through the hydrolysis process to extract their precious essence, which is tightly controlled, leading to a balanced composition of peptides, amino acids and mineral salt.  Each component contributes in a synergistic way to the revival of the vital cellular processes.  Contrary to the process of total hydrolysis (these are just a mixture of amino acids and/or low molecular weight oligo-peptides), it is the conservation of the characteristic peptide fraction which confers to Phyto-Placenta™ its bio-stimulating activity.
They induce a revitalisation of the cutaneous metabolism and ensure long-term rejuvenation of the cell’s vital functions.  Phyto-Placenta™ is obtained by a specific reproducible extraction process allowing the selection of a high fraction of peptides whose molecular weight ranges from 1,000 to 6,000 Daltons.  These peptidic or heteropeptidic fractions are characterised by their ability to boost vital cellular functions and the cells’ growth factor.  LIVING PROOF’s Phyto-Placenta™ also contains many essential amino acids and mineral salts, the former directly provides the skin with nutrients responsible for maintaining biological balance.  In particular, these amino acids are used in the synthesis of important proteins such as collagen, elastin and keratin.  Mineral salts (e.g. Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, etc.) are catalysts of cutaneous biological reactions and play an important role in maintaining epidermal surface moisture because of their capacity to fix water.
Efficient from 0.5%, Phyto-Placenta™ is proven to stimulate cellular metabolism.  The clinically-proven results of LIVING PROOF’s Phyto-Placenta™ are:
  • Increasing cell metabolism and oxygenation to renew and rejuvenate the skin, making it radiant and healthy.
  • Strengthening skin structure by helping in the synthesis of important proteins like collagen, elastin and keratin, resulting in a softer, suppler skin feel and appearance.
  • Reinforcing skin’s ability to retain moisture, so skin looks smoother and more youthful.
Of vegetable origin, solvent-free, paraben-free, non-animal-tested, clearly LIVING PROOF’s Phyto-Placenta™ is in line with the natural expectations of the discerning socially-conscious consumers of today’s world.  Thanks to its unique composition in essential nutritive elements, LIVING PROOF’s Phyto-Placenta™ relaunches the vital functions of the cells, to help the skin to defend oneself actively against tiredness, stress and ageing in an ethical manner.

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