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The System

The System
Free of fragrance, coloring, no alcohol, mineral oil, non-clog the skin's components that may cause skin allergies and other harmful ingredients. You do not worry about skin irritation, rash or itching. Sensitive skin people are suitable to use.  This 2 in 1 soap-free cream cleanser is clinically proven to moisturize sensitive skin while gently cleansing away make-up, dirt and oil without stripping away natural emollients and oils or causing redness. It has gentle, non-irritating formulas appropriate for sensitive or acne-prone skin. It combines an ultra-mild formulation with skin soothing Chamomile extracts and moisturizers.

Suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin, and the cautious new users.
Recommended usage: Gently work Hydra Mild Rinse-off Cream Cleanser on dry skin by massaging in a circular motion to remove make up or as daily cleanser.

Live Cell Protective Micro- Cell Scrub 100ml
This unique product can prevent faces to growth of bacteria and microorganisms, to prevent sensitive skin, skin redness and even pigmentation. It contains ultra round particles, can effectively remove dirt, blackheads, and acne. The formulation of fungicide (triple active zits prevention) has significant effect in prevent acne.
When massage with scrub, you see grainy dirt appear on face and found your face become pure white and flawless skin, smooth and tide immediately.
Suitable for normal and oily skin. 
Recommended usage: Put a drop on dry chin, forehead and cheeks then gentle massage the entire face, the dirt will be turned into tiny grains, rinse after 1 minute of massage.

Ultra Mild UV White Moisturiser 30ml
Free of flavor, artificial colors, alcohol, mineral oil, non-clog the skin may cause skin composition and other sensitive, rash or itching and harmful ingredient to human health. The nature of mild of the moisturizer is the best choice for sensitive skin. It also combines the all the efficacy of Whitening Cell Action Complex such as skin whitening, moisturizing, sun protection and phyto placenta.
For normal and sensitive skin, or more cautious beginners.
Recommended usage: Point a drop in the cheek after cleansing face and apply entire face. May use in the morning or evening.

SPF50/ PA+++ Day Cream40ml
This SPF50 day cream been introduced of advanced live cell skin care technology. It is developed by clinically proven ingredients and nano-technology.
It has triple protection to your skin: provide all-day UVA / UVB ultraviolet sun protection, keep skin hydrated in dry environment. It has the function of anti- pollution and protects skin free from radical damage, also smoke and dust to skin that cause skin aging.
Recommended usage: Clean the face put on some moisturizer and some SPF 50 day cream later in the face and neck.
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