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Ultra Mild UV White Moisturiser 30ml

Product Information

Product Code : LPC503UVW
Category : Sensitive skin type, Sun protection, All skin type, Living Proof, Whitening
Product Brand : Living Proof
Product Weight : 0.11 kg

Product Description

Ultra Mild UV White Moisturiser

I am sensitive skin person, i could not use whitening product…

Living Proof Ultra Mild UV White Moisturiser is specially formulated for the sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is more fragile and easily get inflame. Apart from treating the dark shades and the discoloration of the skin, it reduces acne spots, freckles and areas of uneven pigmentation and also reduce the skin uncomfortable after stay under sun.

The key ingredients:

Sophoro Root

  • Reduced melanogenesis


  • Vit C- Whitening skin, remove from
  • Vit E- Anti aging, anti-oxidant


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Soothing


  • Helps cells to regenerate skin cells for a more youthful look

Apply after cleansing and toning face every morning.

*Suitable for whom skin easy get redness & irritated as this product contains the soothing agent, chamomile.


**EXPIRED DATE : 11/17


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