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Whitening Cell Action Complex 30ml

Product Information

Product Code : LPS103WC
Category : Sun protection, All skin type, Living Proof, Whitening
Product Weight : 0.113 kg

Product Description

Whitening Cell Action Complex

I want to be fairer, any type of whitening moisturiser will be just fine for me.

Formulated with Sophora root extract and kiwi extract, scientifically proven actives that lightens unwanted discoloration by inhibiting melanin expression. It treating the dark shades and the discoloration of the skin. Also offering day protection of SPF 20, it blocks UV rays shielding your skin from further darkening induced by sunlight and UV ray.

The key ingredients:

 Sophora Root

  • Reduced melanogenesis


  • Vit C-Whitening skin, remove freckles, acne
  • Vit E-Anti aging, anti-oxidant


  • Helps cells to regenerate skin cells for a more youthful look


*Must clarify from the whitening product does not contain aggressive whitening actives

Apply after cleansing and toning face every morning.

*You may top up another layer of Multi Protection Day Cream SPF 50+++ for longer hours protection.
**EXPIRED DATE : 03/18 

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